Summary of The Silva Mind Control Method

the silva mind control method
Silva Mind Control Method: The Revolutionary Program by the Founder of the World’s Most Famous Mind Control Course by Jose Silva, Philip Miele, et al.

SUMMARY of THE SILVA MIND CONTROL METHOD | The Revolutionary Program by the Founder of the World’s Most Famous Mind Control Course. A guide to José Silva & Philip Miele’s book.


The Silva Method is a self-help program designed to improve an individual’s IQ and sense of personal well-being. It is accomplished through the development of a person’s advanced brain functions and relaxation.

Millions of individuals have used the revolutionary techniques in the book to have healthier, happier, and more successful lives. This approachable guidebook, based on the extraordinary course pioneered by José Silva in the 1960s, uses meditation and visualization to help you relieve stress, overcome bad habits and emotional insecurity, increase creativity, develop concentration, harness your dreams, and deepen your relationships.

This innovative book teaches you to use your mind at a deeper and more effective level, revealing its astonishing potential via transforming advice and engaging case studies.

José Silva’s Perspective

José Silva was born in Laredo, Texas, and ran a successful electronics repair business for forty years. He was a self-taught parapsychologist and writer from the United States who began experimenting with psychic powers and brain wave activity in the 1940s, eventually inventing The Silva Method, The Silva UltraMind ESP System, and a variety of educational courses and programs.

These approaches have assisted millions of people around the world in increasing their IQ, developing psychic abilities, developing the ability to heal themselves and others remotely, and communicating with higher intelligence on a regular and consistent basis to obtain assistance and direction in carrying out their life’s mission.

The Silva Method is still taught at seminars as well as events by licensed instructors, as well as through home-study classes. He passed away on February 7, 1999.

What’s In For Me And Why Is It Important?

You will learn about the concept of accessing “altered states of mind” in order to change your reality.

Who Is This Book For?

It’s ideal for anyone experiencing difficult obstacles and searching for a faster approach to achieve their goals—even a means to uncover their life’s purpose and ultimately unleash their real potential in life.

the silva mind control method
Silva Mind Control Method: The Revolutionary Program by the Founder of the World’s Most Famous Mind Control Course by Jose Silva, Philip Miele, et al.


The Silva Mind Control Method, as we all know, is a self-help program designed to boost an individual’s IQ and improve their sense of personal well-being. It is accomplished through the development of a person’s advanced brain functions through relaxation, and is based on the author’s 4-day program. Thousands of individuals have participated in the Mind Control training module and learnt how to utilize their minds more effectively to obtain better results in their endeavors.

Because that is exactly what The Silva Mind Control Method can do: it teaches your individual mind to tap into the Universal Mind (or Divinity), your conscious mind into the subconscious level which we all know where the power lies), allowing us to unlock the limitless potential of our minds and thus ourselves.

The Silva Mind Control Method has been credited with several accomplishments in numerous industries, including business, arts and entertainment, sports, and health. So it’s up to you to decide how and where to apply it in your life.

Remember, Jose Silva invented this technique in 1966, and it has since positively transformed the lives of millions of people all around the world.

We are so lucky and privileged in this day and age to be able to quickly get The Silva Mind Control Method by just searching on Amazon or Google.

Let us harness the power of our minds to become SUPER by using this summary from KeyPoints Summaries!

Alpha Level

This is an important idea in Mind Control. You will be employing more of your mind in a unique way after you become acquainted with these perceiving abilities and learn to apply them. You will be able to work psychically whenever you wish, drawing on Higher Intelligence.

The graphic below depicts the various brainwaves, or electrical activity of the brain (as measured by EEG), depending on our state:

Brainwaves graphic

As you read this, you are at the Beta level, which is the brain’s typical functioning for our daily activities.

It is referred to as “outside awareness” in Mind Control language since it focuses on the outside environment utilizing our thinking as well as the five fundamental senses – touching, taste, smelling, hearing, and seeing.

When we fall asleep or in the initial few seconds after waking up, we reach the Alpha level. Then, when we sleep deeper, we go into the Theta and Delta waves. However, we are generally unaware of the behaviors that occur in such states and hence have no influence over them.

The Silva Mind Control Method prepares your brain for this. Through its many exercises, you’ll be able to deliberately reach the Alpha level, tap into your mind’s “superpowers,” and utilize them anyway you see appropriate.

You are awake, aware, and in charge at the Alpha level (or simply “your level,” as Mind Controllers refer to it).

Hypnosis + Electronics = The Silva Mind Control

The Silva Mind Control is a combination of hypnosis and electronics.

As a means of attaining lesser levels, the exercises from which Mind Control originated required for relaxed attention and vivid mental picture. Once attained, these stages proved to be more successful in learning than Beta.

Did you know the origins of the Silva Mind Control Method? Jose had wished to assist his children with their academic success at school, and he wondered if their learning ability might be increased by mental training.

He was already aware of the electrical activity of the brain. With his expertise in electronics, he also understood that the optimum circuit is the one with the least resistance (“impedance”) since it uses electrical energy most efficiently. * He reasoned that the same idea applied to the brain.

To find out for himself, Jose used this idea, along with his understanding of hypnosis, to his children.

His astonishing discovery was that the brain was more energetic when it was less busy. The brain received and retained more information at lower frequencies.

Furthermore, it developed his children’s ESP as well as their learning abilities (extrasensory perception). Jose’s daughter answered the question he hadn’t asked yet while at her level. She had the ability to read his father’s thinking!

Jose expanded on what hypnosis works by developing mental training activities that allow him to access the brain’s lower frequencies while being awake and attentive. As a result, The Silva Mind Control Method was created.

* This is known as Ohm’s Law in electronics, which stipulates that the lower the resistance, the larger the current flow (electricity).

Remember from Earthing that our physical body is just a bioelectrical system, with the brain being one of its electric components.

First, Meditate

This indicates that the mental activities that makes our bodies sick will be negated. The human body is built to be healthy. It has its own built-in healing processes. These procedures are thwarted by brains that have not been educated to regulate themselves. Meditation is the first stage in Mind Control; it will go a long way toward releasing the body’s healing qualities and restoring the energy that was previously spent on stress.

* What is the tool that decreases the brain’s impedance? Meditation is the first step in developing Mind Control.

Jose is referring to the lower vibratory energies that make our body sick, such as stress, guilt, and rage. What gives rise to them? Defying ideas that obstruct the flow of current. Again, the lesser the electrical activity, the greater the resistance (impedance) (energy).

Meditation quiets those racing thoughts, making the brain less active and allowing it to reach the Alpha stage. Jose stated that at that level, you are free of stress, guilt, and rage. The body can then utilise the freed-up energy to aid in self-healing.

In Becoming Supernatural, Joe Dispenza claims that meditation gives you back your power by releasing old blocked energy and using it to regenerate yourself again.

The Silva Mind Control Method is used to meditate as follows:

  • Close your eyes and stare up at a 20-degree angle (behind your eyelids). It was discovered that placing the eyes at this angle causes the brain to create Alpha.
  • Count backward from 100 to 1 in your brain at 2-second intervals (visualize the number to help you focus and not fall asleep). Maintain your focus until the last count. Try this for the first ten mornings. Then you count 50 to 1, 25 to 1, 10 to 1 ten mornings for the next forty days, for a total of forty. These sessions will help you reach “your level.”
  • When you reach the count of one, mentally state, “I will gradually emerge out as I count from one to five, feeling fully awake and better than before.” One-two—(get ready to open your eyes) —three—(open your eyes) —four-five—”eyes open, wide awake, feeling better than before.”

*Fun fact: when listening to this alpha binaural beat, I noticed my eyeballs pulsing at roughly a 20-degree angle upward. Amazingly true!

The Mind’s Mirror

Begin each challenge by briefly recalling your most recent successful experience. When a more successful experience comes along, discard the previous one and use the better one as a reference point. You will become “better and better” in this manner, to use a word with a very deep significance for all of us in Mind Control.

Are you ready to employ The Silva Mind Control Method to address a specific problem?

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that generated it,” Einstein said.

At what level do difficulties arise? Beta.

How far can they be resolved? It is not in beta.

There are a few more rules Jose suggested we follow:

Law 1:
You must want the event to happen. According to Abraham’s Law of Attraction, we’re already doing this automatically because of the contrast that life gives to us. We indicate the dualistic essence of reality by contrast: if we lack money, we seek money. We want to be well if we are sick. You get the picture.

Law 2:
You must feel the occurrence is possible. Your mind will work against you if you cannot trust it will happen. “Resistance.”

Law 3:
You must anticipate the occurrence to occur. But expect to be detached. That is, don’t become too tied to a single outcome. If you persist, you may lose out on other alternative outcomes, which are frequently far better than planned.

Law 4:
It is impossible to create a problem. Solution-consciousness will simply not operate at the Alpha level. Problem-consciousness appears only at the Beta level.

Let us now move on to The Silva Mind Control method known as “The Mirror of the Mind.”

Watch this 12minutes, 45 seconds video by typing and searching: “Silva Life System Mirror Of The Mind Exercise Silva Method” on Youtube or click here to WATCH NOW.

PS: Jose’s tests proved that our minds perceive time to move from left to right. The past is thought to be on the right, while the future is perceived to be on the left.

PPS: The continual beeping in the background is the Alpha rhythm for brain entrainment, which will keep you focused during the exercise.

Three Fingers Technique

Once you’ve completed this, you’ll be ready for new methods of getting knowledge, which will make recall even simpler. Equally important, these new learning methods will not only improve memory but will also accelerate and deepen your knowledge of what you learn.

You can get to your level by employing a triggering mechanism known as the Three Fingers Technique.

When you achieve Alpha during your meditation, tell yourself (silently or aloud), “Whenever I link my fingers together like this (join your thumb and two fingers on each hand) for a serious reason, I will quickly attain this level of consciousness to accomplish anything I wish.”

If you want to recall anything significant, for example, you can say, “Whenever I link my fingers together like this, I will quickly reach this level of mind and remember whatever I need.”

Use the same words every day for at least a week in your practice. There will be a mental link formed between the Three Fingers Technique and attaining your level.

You’ll be able to utilize it for “instant recall” in a variety of practical applications after that. They provide specific examples of how The Silva Mind Control Method users enhanced their memory as well as learning abilities in the book.

This, like learning any ability, takes consistent practice. The more you practice, the better you will get.

This strategy will quickly become a useful tool in your arsenal.

Meditation buddha quote

The Power Of Two

The body’s natural condition is excellent health, and all of its operations are designed to keep it that way. With enough verbal assault on its defenses, it eventually delivers the sicknesses we request.

Two factors contribute to the strength of our words: our state of mind and our amount of emotional connection with what we say.

The Silva Mind Control approach acknowledges the power of words and, though referred to differently, parallels Louise Hay’s practice of mental housecleaning and affirmations.

It also reminds us of Don Miguel Ruiz’s first commitment to be perfect with our words since they have such power. And Jose warns that they become considerably more potent in Alpha and Theta phases.

It is amplified by two factors:

(1) the level of thought, and (2) the degree of emotion.

They’re the two elements that make up the equation for heart coherence, which becomes your state of being, or level in this case.

Jose used two elements from autosuggestion, another type of psychotherapy given by Dr. Émile Coué, to create the Silva Mind Control.

They are as follows:

  • We can only think on one thing at a time
  • When we focus on a concept, it becomes true because our body convert it into action.

To that aim, there is one affirmative sentence that we constantly tell ourselves at the end of each meditation session:

“Every day, in every aspect, I am getting better, better, and better”

Getting better quote

Conversely, we can however suggest: “Negative feelings, negative ideas, have no effect on me on any level of mind.”

The Silva Mind Control practitioners have discovered that these two phrases are strong enough to make anyone feel wonderful!

Mind Control Over Sickness

We ask clients to do three things in general. We ask them to imagine their sickness, their therapy, and the immune system of the body.

What we discuss about in our group meetings is imagining what we want to happen. Before we think it will happen.

There are various experiences of self-healing ascribed to mind control throughout the book, ranging from common to unusual ailments, including examples of spontaneous remission.

It offers six phases to self-healing that integrate the approaches we discussed earlier, check them out below:

  • Begin to experience oneself becoming a loving (and hence forgiving) person in Beta, and view love as an aim in itself.
  • Proceed to your level. Because sick ideas do not exist beyond Beta, just entering Alpha triggers your body’s self-healing process.
  • Mentally remind yourself of step one. Consider and concentrate on uplifting, loving, and healing words.
  • Mentally go through the disease that is bothering you. Use the mental screen to visualize and experience the sickness. This should be short; its sole aim is to direct your healing energies where they are most needed.
  • Immediately remove this idea of your ailment and imagine yourself entirely cured. Feel the freedom and joy that comes with being in excellent health. Keep this image in mind, dwell over it, appreciate it, and know that you deserve it.
  • Reiterate your mental housecleaning and conclude by telling yourself, “Every day, in every manner, I am growing better, better, and better.”

Repeat this technique as many times as you can until you fully embody the healthy person you see. You will notice it in your body if you can detect it in your thoughts.

FAITH quote

Psychic Healing

While faith healing and psychic healing techniques differ, I believe their principles—and outcomes—are the same. Faith healing rituals vary by culture, but they all have the same two effects: they induce a deeper level of mind and they reinforce belief and expectation.

What’s amazing about healing, and this doesn’t just apply to Mind Control, is that we can extend it to anybody, which benefits both sides equally.

Here’s how we use The Silva Method:

  • Knowing the condition of the person you want to help is beneficial, but not required.
  • Enter your meditative state and visualize this person with whatever ailment is bothering him. Place another image to the left of the screen that shows something being done to fix the problem.
  • Project a vivid image of the person in perfect health, full of energy and optimism, onto the screen (further left). Jose considers this to be the most important phase since, at the Alpha level, you are focusing on the source rather than the consequence (Beta level). Visualize the desired outcomes as already being realized. Then, as usual, end the session by counting out 1 to 5 while feeling wide awake and better than before.

The more advanced program includes courses that involve detecting psychically what is wrong with the person in order to come up with a potential cure.

The main thing to note here is that healing occurs when one is in alignment with his or her own Source of well-being. The only thing the other individual, the “healer,” ever does is help with the process.

When we think that a person could heal another, it is the belief itself that heals. It is the faith that heals, not really the faith healer.

Subconscious mind quote

Dream Control

When we interpret a dream that we have preprogrammed, we gain insights into the pathology of our psyches as well as solutions to everyday problems.

Mind Control will benefit you not only during your waking time, but also while you are sleeping and dreaming.

You’ve likely heard numerous stories about creative and innovative ideas that originated in a dream. So you can truly testify to the power of our dreams.

This magic is available to everyone. It only takes becoming aware of it to receive whatever it has to offer.

You can now, thanks to the Silva Method!

Here is what José teaches us:

While meditating before going to bed say, “I want to remember a dream. “I’ll recall a dream.” Now head to bed with a piece of paper and a pen by your bedside. Write down what you remember of a dream when you wake up, whether during the night or in the morning. Continue to practice this night after night, and your recall will improve.

If you’re looking for a solution to a specific problem, the suggestion will be: “I want to have a dream that contains information that will help me solve the problem I’m thinking about.” I’ll have a dream like this, remember it, and comprehend it.”

Trust the response you will receive. It’s your soul communicating with you.

Only you have the ability to interpret the dreams you choose to have. You will have a “hunch” about the meaning of your dreams if you do good self-programming beforehand. Our silent subconscious frequently communicates with us through hunches. With experience, you will gain trust in these pre-programmed hunches.

Dreams quote

Mind Control In Schools, Care Homes, And Businesses

True, most of us are shackled by limited perceptions of who we are and what we are capable of. You will quickly feel the excitement of breaking free from these constraints and discovering new freedoms beyond them. Your self-esteem will skyrocket once you realize what you are capable of.

The book’s closing chapters depict some of the experiments that reveal a gain in self-esteem of those who have gone through The Silva Mind Control program. They include student groups, alcoholics, drug addicts, welfare recipients, jail prisoners, and mentally ill patients.

Beneficial changes were prevalent among the graduates. They perceived themselves as significantly better people, gained greater confidence in their capacity to handle difficulties, and became more receptive to new experiences in life.

According to one example, a drug addict that performed the Mind Control program three times a day was completely drug-free in thirty days. “Modify the programming at the cause level, the subconscious mind, and you change the behavior patterns at the impact level,” says the Mind Control instructor. That’s how you break bad behaviors.

Companies who integrated Mind Control training in their employee program led to an overall positive attitude about their employment and enhanced relationships among coworkers in the business sector.

Graduates were able to produce unique ideas and successful marketing tactics, which resulted in increased income. During its second year, one business that used problem-solving strategies had 18 ideas ready for commercialization.

The list is endless.

According to Jose, it goes beyond fixing issues or manifesting your desires:

When you know what great talents we were all born with, and when you see in your own experience that these powers can only be used constructively, you realize that our presence on this world has dignity and purpose.

The options are limitless. It may appear illogical, but controlling your mind provides you freedom!

We’re just scratching the surface here. If you don’t already have the original book, “The Silva Mind Control Method: The Revolutionary Program by the Founder of the World’s Most Famous Mind Control Course by Jose Silva,” order it here now on Amazon to learn the juicy details.

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